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Go to university, they said. It’s the best time of your life, they said.


Whilst I sit here, in the midst of studying for my exams (and also learning words and sentence structures in Mandarin, which I study outside of university – 我要喝什么?), I just cannot help but think of the past year and a half which has comprised my experience at university. I remember my first day of classes, spend half an hour trying to find the rooms where each of my lectures were held. Everything seemed so fresh, and new, and invigorating, and I was too shy to talk to anyone in any of my classes, but yet dying to say hello to the person next to me in any of my lectures to make new friends (I had shit friends in year 12 who forgot I even breathed as soon as I graduated – and my friends from my other high school in years 7-11 go to different universities or are in high school still).

*sigh* I wish now that I could still have that optimism. In the past 15 months of having a university education, my hope for humanity, my look on the world, and my enjoyment of tertiary education has slowly been spiraling downhill.
No, it is not what I am studying. I LOVE what I am studying. Linguistics is amazing. I love learning Japanese at university and Mandarin outside of university, and my subjects in my Asian Studies major are amazing too. So it is not that at all, as I am always in fascination and inspiration about what I learn. But, so then, what it is?

Part of the reason is the people. At this point I will proceed to outline some of the problems I have faced with the community and culture at university and how it has not made me feel very welcome or happy when I go onto campus and begin to think about people.

University: High School 2.0?

At university, the students are quite adamant on making people think that they have moved on from the bitch dramas and immaturity of high school. But I don’t know if it’s the fact that a lot of university students are still a bunch of entitled overgrown teenagers still living with their parents; but anyway. I’ve noticed that this “passed high school” mentality results in an inflated ego and a sense of elitism that spreads across a lot of students who go to university. But alongside that, I’ve noticed from the way a lot of students at university behave,

They still behave like teenagers, not young adults. 

You still get the students in university who are like “Oh my god, _____ is such a bitch. Did you know what she did at that party over the weekend? [Insert overstressed voiceless velar fricative here]”
Half of my god-damn psychology lectures, I was surrounded by this banter.


But I dropped out of Psychology after first year for Asian Studies and Linguistics, so it’s all good :3

Then you have the university students who are gym-obsessed and who only stay around other people like that. You also get the university students who judge others for how skinny they are, and then you get the university students who judge others on their grades, their IQ (which isn’t even a measure of intelligence that’s as great as everyone thinks), their socio-economic status (I will get into this soon), or even their ethnicity.


I’ve even had people judge me for the way I’ve conducted myself in some of my tutorials. If you’ve read in my previous blog post, I have not exactly had the best mental health this semester. In one tutorial, I was asked a question, I couldn’t answer it, and I didn’t want the attention on me because I felt genuinely shit that day. Then an hour after that class, I was walking around campus when I overheard two girls murmuring to each other “Ahaha, it’s that weird idiot in class who was asked that question.”
I’m not sure about you, but to me that sounds like the way a bunch of ‘popular’ fifteen year old girls behave. Get the fuck over yourself.

Subtle Discrimination

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been avoided on the basis on my social class or my ethnicity. I’m going to sound like an elitist by saying this happens when I’m a Caucasian. But it DOES. I go out of my effort to make friends with the internationals and make them feel welcome. I love learning about new cultures, coming across new people, and making friends with them. But half of the time, I’m received with weird looks, and then slowly pushed out of the conversation, and then ignored. Also, in my tutorials, when it comes to group projects (especially in Japanese), or group exercises in class, the international students avoid having me in their groups. I don’t know if it’s because as a white Australian, I’m just going to be innately bad at learning an Asian language. I don’t know. But it makes me feel like shit. I’m sick of it. I even had one international from southern China in one of my tutorials speak to me loudly and slowly because he thought I had a mental condition. Thanks.
Oh, and the time last year in Japanese I was laughed at when I suggested to the class that I was going to start a study group. That was amazing. Thanks for that, too.


Then you get it on the other side too, sometimes. And it makes internationals feel like they don’t belong.

It even happens in one of my subjects from the faculty, I suspect, but I’m not going to go into that.


I’m sure it isn’t that common in other universities, but I go to a university that continually boasts itself to be the best university in the country from ranking surveys and the like. Therefore, you get a lot of people who want to validate their egos by pointing out of the fact that they go to a university of this calibre. On facebook pages about the university, like confession pages and meme pages, that are operated by students (most likely), you often find confessions, memes or comments that are insulting other universities, or degrading the traits and intelligence of those who go to other universities. It makes me really angry. It’s made me quite bitter towards a lot of the people who go to the university I do and like to make a scene of it.
Get the fuck over yourselves.


It’s not the tutorials as a whole that I hate. But there’s three things I hate about the tutorials I attend. The first is the fact all the students remain silent and are not interactive. The second is that in every tutorial there is that one entitled annoying person who never shuts up, and thinks that everything he/she says is honours material and liquid gold oozing out into the air around them.


Thirdly is the fact that all the students are latently judging everything you say. If you say something wrong or not up to their mental standards, then chances are you will be avoided and deemed as the ‘class idiot’. Even if you ask questions. Which leads back to the first point of everyone remaining quiet in a tutorial. This could be solved if we all grew up.

University is FUN if you’re poor!!!!!! Ahahaha NOT

University students have the stereotype of being poor. But then, there are balls that come up that cost money, there’s events that cost money, then a good half of the events on campus that are social basically cost money. So it means that if you are to have a social life on campus, you have to have money. If you don’t; well then you’re like me sitting at home writing angry spiteful envious blog posts about university.


I would like to attend some of the events, but it simply can’t happen because I’m not in the financial situation, and I haven’t been for a while, to be able to afford to go to events like that. Even if it’s club events that are $20. For that, my social life has probably suffered and I’m seen as some pathetic person who cannot get his life together.

And a lot of the people I go to university with are people who are in stable upper-middle class families, or people who are from rich families overseas. So they can easily afford to go to dinners and watch movies, and travel to places with their friends. When it comes to me, I’m never invited for the reason I’m too poor. So I’m never really invited to things. And a lot of them lack the understanding to know what it’s like for a university student from a lower class/working class family who got kicked out of home and is trying to make it on his own.

Sometimes it does seriously feel like I’m being discriminated by some omnipotent educational force for being the person of the social class that I am.

“Sorry, I’m busy with studying.”
I am aware that lot of people are usually busy with studying. But more than actually studying, people have been saying it as a reason to not have me speak to them. To all those people. FUCK YOU!  (yes I am swearing a lot in this article, delicious). When you say that, and then TWO HOURS LATER YOU POST UP PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK OF A WHOLE GROUP OF PEOPLE I TALK TO WITHOUT ME THERE.


Then, you have the fucking nerve to say “hello” to me as you pass me on campus. The only thing stopping me from spitting on your face are the mints inside my mouth, which I paid for, falling out and I’d have wasted some of my few dollars on you. You’re not worth that.

You have no idea how bad and excluded that has actually made me feel. I’m not sure if it happens to many people at university. But it happens to me so many fucking times. It’s gone to the point I’m not going to continue visiting one of the clubs I’ve been visiting for two semesters because I’ve just made to feel excluded and as if I’m not going to make any friends there.

Also, the excuse of timetables clashing and between classes and outside of classes not being able to see each other is bullshit. It basically translates to “I can’t be fucked being your friend but I’ll pull you along anyway.”

It’s for these reasons that part of me has just given up on making connections with other people.

So, in essence. I am fed up with the culture at university. I’m sick of trying to put effort into friendships with people who aren’t interested or who aren’t even going to try. I’m sick of walking around campus and going to classes and feeling judged and disadvantaged because I haven’t had an as fortunate life as most students up until then. The only friends I have on campus a lot of the time are my textbooks. I’m sick of people telling me that “University are the best years of your life.”

Well, no, sometimes it seriously feels like they aren’t.

tl;dr – The people and culture at uni can be a manwhores.

Why I Love My Magic Bullet: Pesto

I am just going to say it outright, that I am not someone who cooks that often – and as a university student I am quite broke. SO, therefore, I cook to be economic rather than gourmet. NOT TO MENTION that this is usually what half of my kitchen endeavours turn out to be like:
ImageAnyway. I got a magic bullet a couple of months ago when I actually had money, and I use it in most of the cooking I do that isn’t toast, two minute noodles or microwave lasagna. So; if you are lazy like me, then this Pesto sauce is probably a recipe for you.

I first wanted to make my own pesto when I realised how much I was paying for ordering pesto online, and realised I could make my own for about 1/10th of the price (and mine tastes better than the one I’d usually order online). So I went on google, looked up the recipe, it is very simple. And now I just make it intuitively.


So these are basically the ingredients you are going to be using. That is all. And yes, behind the food is a TARDIS cookie jar but I apologise for the lighting as I made this last night at like 9-10pm. So basically – all you need to make a decent portion size of pesto is
2 Handfuls of Basil from the supermarket
~75-100g of Pine Nuts (I would recommend you search around. The brand I got was a more expensive one as the supermarket I went to doesn’t supply cheap brands. But you can get pine nuts for a cheap price if you are willing to look around 2-3 places).
Olive Oil – One bottle of olive oil like that will last you a lot of pesto makings.
Salt & Pep (Always handy for all of my cooking. Or if you’re 75 years old and your tastebuds are basically dead)
2 Cloves of Garlic – When I first made the pesto I thought “ONLY 2 CLOVES I WON’T BE ABLE TO TASTE IT!!” so I put in like 6 cloves, and I had garlic breath for the next couple of days.

Aaaand if you want to make it with Gnocchi, then I recommend the Gnocchi too. But otherwise, anything else is fine.

So, calculating the cost of it
Basil – $5
75g of Pine Nuts – $2.30
Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt and Pepper – I’m going to guess about 70 cents, if that.
So you get $8 of cost. But, then you factor in you can get like 4-5 servings from this sauce. SO.

TOTAL: $1.60-$2 per seving

So, the first thing I do is I pull the leaves off of the basil, (after rinsing them with water, just to be safe!) and then I crush the garlic cloves, I add some salt and pepper, and some olive oil! All into the magic bullet container. Easy!

Now, pesto recipes ask for roasted pine nuts. But, I don’t have an oven in my kitchen *shakes fist*.
BUT, what I do is I just put the pine nuts in a pan, on a stovetop, and then I put on a high heat until they start to brown on the outsides. It’s an alternative that I use. I’ve found it works.

And you will notice on the bottom right of the picture that a basil leaf fell off of my hand and onto the kitchen counter. Basil leaves (especially when moistened) are quite evil and have attachment issues and will tend to do this. Then the appearance of them in your kitchen just keeps coming back, like herpes.

(Sorry for making you lose your appetite with this picture)

SO, ANYWAY! Now you have roasted your pine nuts. You place them into your magic bullet container with the other ingredients. Being the fat leviathan I am, I add a bit more olive oil (and salt, because what’s the point of cooking food if your arteries aren’t clogged and you’re not dehydrated). Then, you screw on your blade, and you blend it all together!

For the full effect, I recommend you play this soothing elevator music for 10 seconds.

Ok, so now your pesto should look something like this:
(Feel free to taste it. If you don’t do that, then you won’t know what to add to it, or what it is lacking)

So there you have it, so far you have made your pesto sauce. The one I made last night wasn’t as green as I normally end up having it. In the past, I have made pesto sauces that look more green.

So, now you cook your gnocchi (or whatever else you’re using to put your pesto on). With gnocchi, you basically just bring water to the boil, then you add the gnocchi, and then you will notice the gnocchi rises from the bottom of the water, to the top, and then the water boils again, like this:
And that’s when you know it is time to strain your gnocchi, then mix your pesto sauce through it!!!

As with most cooking shows, I will not actually show you the finished product and show you a better looking one I made beforehand.
(That was from the other week. It turned out a lot more green than the other one)

But no, just kidding! This is what it turned out like this time!

But, in all seriousness, it is quite a simple recipe, and not too expensive (A little pesto sauce spreads a long way). To enhance the flavour, drizzle some oil (and if you’re me, place a bit more salt onto it).

I hope your enjoyed reading it. And this is just one reason why I love my magic bullet.

End of Semester Madness

Hello, こんばんは, 你好, welcome to the first post of my new blog! In this blog I will discuss interesting things that have come up in my life (inside and outside of university), submit art and writing, and also post my opinions to articles or pieces that catch my interest.

So, in short, I’m a 19 year old second year university student living on his own in Melbourne.

It may seem silly and counter-productive to start a blog before my university examinations (oh, my god, halp!), but my life has been a bit of a wreck lately and I need something besides university to work on. Something that will motivate my ass into gear.

So, basically, being a university student, this is the very definition of my life at the moment (it could also be defined in pasta and toast, and fumbling through my dalek money bank to find coins to do my laundry).

Oh, and I’m fairly certain in a weeks time, this will be me (if I actually put my head down and studied NOW – then it won’t be as bad as me one time leaving that 2,000 word essay on Chinese and Japanese politeness to the last 6 hours)


But anyway, lately I’ve been starting to teach myself Mandarin outside of my university subjects. I thought I would start learning the language because I have friends at university who speak it, and also, I want to teach English in China some time in the future. So I’ve purchased the textbooks.

(Pictures make my blog posts look bigger – yaayeeee #hack)
If anyone has used these textbooks before, I’d like to know their opinion on them. But either way, I have friends who can help me through any errors anyway, and the fact that I accidentally sneezed over one of the pages (imeanwot) when I was studying last week certainly won’t make these refundable.
But so far, I’ve found the red books (New Practical Chinese Reader) good for questions, but bad for explaining grammar and vocabulary, but the blue book makes up for that, and has a cute handy phonetics section at the start (if you know your IPA).

Buying classics at my university campus bookstore is also a good thing – because they’re always so cheap! I mean, I go to the bookstore at my university lots to browse the interesting stuff, such as a card game where you can become some Marijuana drug lord.

But anyway, I ended up getting this book:

I have heard that this book is a good read for political theory, and I have heard the name of the book pop up from people at random intervals for the past couple of years. So I’m going to read it alongside the revision I have to do for my exams.

But thank you for reading through my first post. The braindead tone of this blog post may be explained by the fact that it’s midnight. Recipes for my Green Tea Frappuccinos and my Pesto Sauce are coming soon though! #unistudentbudget