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Recipe: Green Tea Frappuccino (抹茶フラペチーノ)

Hello, once again it is time for me to post up a recipe! I have been quite broke lately (is it not the life of the university student to be broke?) and have eaten enough boiled pasta to make me want to scream and hurl whenever I see a noodle.

But today, I got some money, and I’ve been intending to make this post for a while, so I went out and got the ingredients to make a green tea frappuccino.


I got the inspiration to make this during the summer, when being my typical usual lazy self, I did not want to have to go to the Melbourne CBD to have to buy a Starbucks frappuccino. So therefore, I googled how to make a frappuccino, and then adapted my own method and list of ingredients based upon looking at a few recipes.

I have received 100% positive reviews from my real life friends from this frappuccino, some even saying that it tastes better than the Starbucks one. So if you want to try it out for yourself, then please read on.


The ingredients as follows are:

2tsp matcha powder
1tbs white sugar
1tbs concentrated natural vanilla extract
3 big tbs of ice cream (Ben and Jerrys works a charm!)
4-5 ice cubes (Which are in the freezer and not in this picture)
A few hundred mL of milk

HOWEVER, if you do not have a sweet tooth like me, it is probably advised to use less vanilla extract, and less sugar, and perhaps less ice cream.

Blender/Magic Bullet

(I make things intuitively and this is just a rough approximation of the proportions I usually use. But trying off the measurements from this list of ingredients it turned out fine and alike to the taste of what I normally produce)

Ok, so now let’s get down to it!!!


First off, what I add is the green tea (also known as Matcha in Japanese) powder. You can buy this stuff quite easily from a Japanese store; and if you are as lucky as me, you will be served by a cute Japanese boy (oh my god he was so hot *drools*). Anyway, about this powder, it looks VERY green. Radioactively green is an excellent way to put it.
DO NOT GET THIS SHIT ON YOUR CLOTHING. It is very hard to get out. So when you handle it, please be careful.


Next, you add the sugar and the vanilla extract. I prefer to use natural vanilla extract, because it produces a more genuine taste than artificially made stuff. But, if you want to be excessively fancy, I guess you could even add vanilla bean paste (but that will probably make the process of blending overall more difficult). So when you add those, it should look like this:


Then, we get to the part which will make your Frappuccino deliciously icy!!! This is where you add the ice and the ice cream. I normally add in three ice cubes, but more can work. I actually suggest 4 to 5. The hotter the day, the more ice cubes I guess.
For the ice cream, you can use different ice creams to give your frappuccino different hints of flavours, BUT I like to go with the neutral vanilla flavoured kind of ice creams, or ice creams with a soft taste.  I like to use Ben and Jerry’s Sweet Cream and Cookies because it has a soft taste, and when blended the bits of cookies make a nice layer in the frappuccino. Then, it should look like this.

“oh god he’s putting up so many pictures omfg he can’t even”

OH, and the ice is crushed in that picture because I felt like crushing my ice cubes to let out all my teenage angst. Plus when crushed it looks sort of like cocaine.


THEN, you add in milk. I normally go with a few hundred mL. BUT! If you have a magic bullet then just fill it with milk until the milk is about 75% of the way up the blender. Screw on the lid if you’re using a magic bullet.

THEN! You blend it all together!!

It should come out something like this!

However! The lighting in my apartment is so wondrously depressing (my apartment catches like next to NO sunlight it’s so dodgy), and the sun was starting to set, so I decided to take a picture of the finished product outside.


I hope you enjoy making it, and enjoy drinking it!! And I hope it tastes good! Remember, if you are not a sweet tooth like me, you can use less vanilla extract, less sugar, and less ice cream, and a bit more ice.

Thank you, and have a lovely day.